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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 3, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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soul! >> we apologize. that is the wrong video. all of this follows the public outcry over the delayed release of video footage of the shooting of mcdonald. out of colorado we're learning 11 u.s. special forces soldiers from fort carson were doing mountain training and h d heading to the summit when two or three began to suffer from altitude sickness. they had a choice to climb the rest of the mountain to the top or be airlifted down. they called the park service and were airlifted down with the helicopter. this happened yesterday. the eight or nine soldiers remaining on the mountain are doing just fine and those airlifted down are doing better, we are told. that wraps up our coverage this hour, i'm kristen welker from california. kate snow picks things up from new york. have a great weekend. >> good afternoon. happy friday to you. i am kate snow. grand old party, brand new party. donald trump's hostile takeover
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is now complete. house speaker paul ryan's delayed endorsement is now the centerpiece of a gradual however begrudging rally around the presumptive nominee. the two most powerful republicans in washington both still distancing themselves starting with trump's new comments s about the judge of trump university case saying there is a conflict of interest because the judge is quote of mexican heritage. >> look, the comment about the judge the other day was out of left field from my mind. it's reasoning i don't relate to. i completely disagree with the thinking behind that. >> i'm unfamiliar with this particular judge but did say the other day and say it again today, i think it's completely unfortunate or unnecessary for the nominee to attack the governor of new mexico. i think these attacks don't serve the candidate very well at this point. we ought to be trying to unify -- he ought to be trying to unify the party behind him.
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>> as of today, trump is only down a point and a half to clinton nationally, according to real clear politics polling average. in an hour he will hold a rally in redding, california a day after the chaos outside the trump event in san jose, california. dramatic images, anti-trump protesters burning and american flag and trump hats and police making a handful of arrests and this woman a trump supporter pelted with food and hit in the face with eggs. we're keeping an eye on what's happening today in redding, california. new this hour, for the first time, first lady, michelle obama taking a not so veiled dig at donald trump. >> we don't build up walls to keep people out because we know that our greatness has always depended on contributions from people who were born elsewhere. but sought out this country and made it their home. >> let's start out in redding,
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california, katy covering the trump campaign better than anybody does. i know it's really out out there. i will keep it quick. so much back and forth, 108 is what i read? based on what you're hearing today, has trump successfully rallied the republican team around him or are we not there yet? >> reporter: i don't think we're there yet. outwardly publicly they will say they're rallying around donald trump. the term is support only in name. that's what's going on now, rhino, republican only in name. the party rallying around him because they see him as their best chance getting past hillary clinton in the general election. do they agree with his policies? many of them say, no. you just heard paul ryan say that very thing. it is remarkable the speaker of the house took 30 days to endorse the republican nominee. more remarkable the day after he
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did that, he had to go out and backtrack or talk about how he didn't agree with and didn't condone donald trump saying he doesn't think a judge of mexican heritage should be overseeing a case because that would be a conflict of interest. that is a remarkable thing. also remarkable to have mitch mcconnell come out and say he's worried donald trump is going to be like barry goldwater. he will potentially alienate latinos in the way gold water alienated african-americans and lead them to losing the election this time around. donald trump even though he's nominally gotten the party unity behind him still doesn't have the campaign around him. the campaign itself going through a lot of infighting. i'm talking with aides that say they're at wits end with the candidate and for the campaign with comments about judge curiel to the "washington post." they don't believe this was on message. they don't believe this was
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necessary and some aides don't believe it was a good idea whatsoever. they say this is the sort of thing that will end up sinking this campaign and giving hillary clinton the election. the problem right now seems to be behind the scenes, there is this infighting we've been talking about a couple months. two camps, paul manofort camp more old school wants more policy speeches and scripted speeches and teleprompters trying to get unity and corey lewandoski let donald trump shoot from the hip the entire time and bowl manafort trying to get key endorsements that would help him in the state of california and general election. those messages not getting through to the candidate because corey lewandoski has all the access to the candidate while he is on the plane, while he is trav traveling. that is an infighting issue a little inside baseball. it's relevant because they need a cohesive campaign around them
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if they're going to the general election and beat hillary clinton, who has a massive team and cohesive message behind her. >> thank you so much. democrats are in california today, too, hillary clinton w p wrapping up an event in culver city, california, where she again wasted no time going after donald trump. let's go to kasie hunt covering the campaign from westminster, california where she will hold it later today. she has a bunch of events today. what are we hearing? >> reporter: good afternoon, hillary clinton moving off that speech yesterday that was very well received among democrats who were encouraged to see how aggressively and effectively she seemed to be able to go after donald trump, really kind of a new and different hillary clinton we hadn't seen. i know you covered her extens e extensively in the primary in 2008. one thing some aides pointed out
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to me she actually hasn't had a chance to run in a general election. so a lot of what we know about her and how she campaigns is about how she campaigns in a primary. to a certain extent that's difficult for her. going after donald trump on the other hand, not so much. she continued to level the same attacks we heard yesterday on the stump today in california. take a look what she had to say a few minutes ago. >> i believe absolutely he's not only unprepared to be president, he is temperamentally unfit to be president. he doesn't -- he doesn't really have ideas, he just engage s an rants and personal feuds and outright lies. something that our country cannot afford in a d commander-in-chief. >> reporter: that of course the same line of criticism we heard
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in the national policy speech she gave yesterday. one thing we didn't hear on the stump was any remarks about stump's comments, about that hispanic judge. indiana born involved in this trump university case. she did tell us andrea mitchell she believes those remarks were terrible. we will see if she touches on it again at this next event planned at westminster. this gives you a sense how she's orienting herself as she faces down that primary contest on tuesday in california with bernie sanders. this is a very asian-american area, she's been advertising in many different languages, a diverse electorate supporting her in this process and bernie sanders doing much better among white voters? kasie hunt following the clinton campaign. former new jersey governor crist stin to crist -- christine todd whitman joined us about the violence at
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donald trump's campaign in san jose. >> what scares me about donald trump is that the emotions he's unleashing in people you don't put back in the box very easily. he almost encouraged that at the very beginning of his own rallies when one of his supporters sucker punched someone what doing anything violent and said i'd like to pay for his legal defense when he gets charged and wouldn't it be good to go back to the good old days you can really smack people around. the co-anchor of "all due respe respect," good to see you. let's talk about this woke that was. so many things happening, not just the violence last night but speech yesterday and donald trump making all kinds of news about trump university and the judge in that case and house speaker puerto riaul ryan in th. what is the newsworthy event?
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>> hillary clinton's speech? newsworthiness of her campaign and she has staff and establishment unified behind her. what was missing for a lot of democrats was her ability to go out and win the presidency with her performance. that was one of the best speeches she's given in the campaign. it showed confidence and humor and aware where her strengths lie against donald trump. i heard from many democrats and many republicans that if that's the kind of performance she can sustain her chances of winning will go up appreciably. can she sustain it, i don't know. it gave people confidence she could do it. think back to 1988, george herbert walker bush, people thought his chances of winning were bad and 17 30i7bpoints beh michael dukakis and gave a convention speech well above what people thought he could achieve and that did it. >> and images we saw at san jose last night, does that hurt or
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help? these were mostly trump supporters being attacked by democrats presumably. >> i think people in the media need to ask themselves that has been a female clinton supporter hit in the face, how that coverage would be? it's been covered some. that kind of violence and behavior for anybody in american politics and american life isn't acce acceptable. there's no doubt as christine todd whitman said in the clip you showed, there's been too much riling of people up. too much excusing of violence on both sides now. i think both candidates, it would be great if they put out a joint statement saying that kind of thing is not acceptable. >> i shouldn't have said presumably democrats, we don't know who was in that crowd last night. the polling showing trump getting coalescing around him, still hearing from establishment republicans and we played sound from paul ryan and mitch colonel in the last -- mitch mcconnell in the last few hours.
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and we talked to andy card, former white house chief of staff and he expressed reservations as well and we'll talk about whether they're coalescing or not. >> i'll be honest with you, i can't imagine donald trump being the president of the united states the way he's been acting. no, i think a real president has to do a very different job than the one donald trump is demonstrating that he thinks he could do as president. >> does he need to do a better job getting them all on board to raise money first and foremost? >> the donors are very upset the way trump has behaved in the last few weeks including some that officially signed up for him. it wouldn't be that hard. he wouldn't have to behave like the most dignified presidential candidate of all time just better. he spent this week alienating a lot of donors and establishment types like andy card. you look at polls. he's even in national polls and had good days in the last couple of weeks. the party is more unified than
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democrats are as long as bernie sanders is in the race, paul ryan's endorsement helps but the holdouts even from people like paul ryan and mitch mcconnell, it's not helping him even if it's an anti-establishment candidate and to keep it from being mixed on the republican side he has to mod due late his changes and behavior and this week not encouraging. >> lest we forget about the people in the white house right now, we just played new sound just in, i don't know if you heard it from michelle obama taking a little stab at donald trump without naming him. is that a preview of the summer ahead for us? >> into the fall when you have bill clinton, joe biden, barack obama and michelle obama all out to try to stop donald trump from getting in the white house. one thing republicans have noticed and some on the left, trump is not being defended. have you heard a lot of republicans defending him on trump u or foreign policy yesterday?
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no. donald trump is one of the most talented people to get the nomination and got it as a first time candidate and cannot do it by himself. michelle obama and barack obama and joe biden and the clintons have a following and he will be facing people who have won the white house before, has active surrogates trying to stop him. >> mark halpern, nice to see you, appreciate it. coming up on "all due respect" 6 6:00. if he becomes president, donald trump says he will build a wall and referred to mexican immigrants as criminals and tells them to go back home and now this attack on the mexican judge, how is all that affecting hispanic support? we will talk about it next. r of, making it really hard to book the flight you want. luckily, there's a better way... with the capital one venture card. with venture, you'll earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. and when you're ready to travel,
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what do you think about the way trump went after the judge? >> it's terrible.
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outrageous. >> that was andrea mitchell just minutes ago catching hillary clinton on the rope line, asking about donald trump who's been escalating his attacks on federal judge gonzalo curiel. hillary clinton says it's outrageous. judge curiel presiding over two lawsuits against trump university. in an interview, trump called for judge curiel to recuse himself because he has an absolute conflict in presiding over the case because he is of quote mexican heritage. i want to talk to a hillary clinton supporter and leader of the anti-trump campaign. nice to see you, mayor. tell me what you think about what you heard that latino voters are unhappy about policy
12:19 pm
and means this judge can't be impartial. >> a woman judge can't opine about the equal pay act. a white judge can't opine about an anti-discrimination suit brought by a white plaintiff. a black judge can't opine about the voting rights act. i have never seen someone running for president talk like this, at least not since 1968. and his name was george wallace. this man is not fit to be president of the united states when you make comments like he has. he could take umbrage with the decision. he could criticize the judge and you could even say there's a bys a. but to -- a bias. but to connect the bias to ethnicity. this is an american as i am, 54 million latinos who trace their ancestry to latin america. that kind of talk is absolutely unacce unacceptable. we need leaders that can bring
12:20 pm
us together, not divide us on the head of a pin the way this man has and particularly around race or ethnicity. >> obviously, there are a lot of folks on your side who are incensed by these comments. i have to note a recent nbc news survey monkey poll shows 32% of hispanic voters support donald trump. that is five points better than mitt romney. why isn't hillary clinton doing even bet air mo-- better among e hispanic community. >> a fox poll said it was 20%. when all is said and done -- >> either way it's not nothing. >> whites aren't monolithic and why should african-americans or latinos or any other group. when all said and done, 80% of latinos will vote against donald trump and for hillary clinton, that's a fact. i can tell you that i've seen polls like this before for president obama, hillary clinton, they will ultimately
12:21 pm
coalesce around a candidate like hillary, who wants to bring us together, who understands we need to build bridges, not walls. >> can ask you about the democratic race before i let you go, since you're los angeles, former mayor of los angeles, california, big vote on tuesday. bernie sanders is telling the world that he thinks he's going to do well there. >> i would expect that's what he would say. it's getting close no question about it. when all said and done. i expect hillary clinton will get the nomination and be elected and win the nomination on that day and also win that election in california. the fact of the matter is in states like this, as diverse as this, hillary has done very very well. i expect she'll pull it out on election day. >> antonio villaraigosa, former mayor of los angeles, thanks for being with us.
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>> thank you. coming up, i'll vote for you but i don't agree with you. paul ryan says he's voting for trump but doesn't stop the house speaker from speaking out against the presumptive nominee. i'm only in my 60's. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses,
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yeah, over 200 allergens! with claritin my allergies don't come between me and victory. live claritin clear. i said, hey, donald, have you got a script? he took it out of his pocket. i said, are you going to use it? i hate scripts, they're so bo boring. i said, put me every favor of borg. you're very good entertaining a lot of audiences and have large twitter following and gotten you where you are today but i'm in 5 of more scripts. >> stick to the script, a simple message from the republican establishment in terms of toning down donald trump's off-the-cuff rhetoric but didn't stop paul ryan from endorsing trump yesterday. luke russert joins me now. we played a little bit at the top of the hour but house
12:26 pm
speaker, paul ryan one day after endorsing trump is now making more criticisms. >> not even 24 hours after the endorsement in an op-ed in his paper in wisconsin, paul ryan saying donald trump bringing up the heritage of a judge overs overseeing the case against trump university quote is out of left field. i completely disagree with the thinking behind that. donald trump saying it because the judge's mexican heritage he's not getting a fair shake in that trial obviously making speaker ryan very uncomfortable. this is a very delicate dance speaker ryan and mitch mcconnell have to do the next five months. mcconnell said in another interview with andrea mitchell, his worry what trump could do with latinos and the republican party what barry goldwater did in 1964 with african-americans creating generation loss with lati latinos. we'll see if they do it.
12:27 pm
ryan, i'm told the reason he came around to endorsing trump, he had positive conversations with his team and the trump camp, within the first 100 days of being elected since he lacks a domestic policy and never been part of a committee process or put together legislation would have to lean heavily on paul ryan and those who run the floors, and kevin mccarthy. they think that playbook would be used by donald trump and push forward an issues they agree on, not such as immigration, free trade, entitlement reform. interesting strategies by ryan the way they're spinning it, we're trying to assume some control here. you just look at the body language of ryan when it came out and his endorsement not overly enthusiastic by any means. >> thank you. we will switch gears and go
12:28 pm
to residents in texas reeling over flash flooding in this state, so powerful, a couple and their dog were pinned to a tree in a creek in fort worth. that couple was able to get out. >> get out! get out! get out! >> at least 14 people are dead there, including five soldiers from fort hood. right now, a frantic search on the way to find four missing soldiers. we'll head straight to texas after the break. ... how i stay active. so i need nutrition... that won't weigh me down. for the nutrition you want without the calories you don't... try boost® 100 calories. each delicious snack size drink gives you... 25 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. and it's available in two new flavors, vanilla caramel and double chocolate fudge. i'm not about to swim in the slow lane. stay strong. stay active with boost®. prge! a manufacturer.
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text mom. i'll be right back. be good. boys have been really good today. send. let's get mark his own cell phone. nice. send. brad could use a new bike. send. [google] message. you decide. they're your kids. why are you guys texting grandma? it was him. it was him. keep your family connected. app-connect. on the redesigned passat. from volkswagen. cuss due to the quick action of some other soldiers that we're training, we were able to rescue three soldiers. our priority has been, since the first report of this incident, and continues to be, the search for our four missing teammates. >> fast moving floodwaters killed five soldiers in texas and the search continues this afternoon for the four others still missing out there.
12:32 pm
their military vehicle was swept away during a training exercise. the floods are intense. the rain is not letting up. nbc's gabe gutierrez, is out in fort hood, texas. three soldiers survived but still no sign of them, is that right? >> reporter: hi there, kate. the three soldiers that were rescued were actually brought to the hospital and they were recovering in stable condition. authorities now say they could be released later today. the search right now under way is for four soldiers who were unaccounted for since what military officials are calling a heartbreaking accident, which happened yesterday just before noon here on the northern fringe of the base. as you mentioned, five soldiers are confirmed dead, there's those three that were rescued in the hospital and the search for those four others. we do have new video that was released by authorities at fort hood that show the dramatic rescue effort under way, very active. army aircraft was involved and
12:33 pm
so were canine units, very difficult to process they have to go through. they're trying to search a 20 mile stretch of the owl creek that goes right through and weaves through this huge swath of fort hood. there are a lot of questions what led to this tactical vehicle being overturned. what we learned from officials at a news conference is the water got out of control. it's not exactly sure when these soldiers, 12 of them, went and set out on this training. they were trying to learn how to use this tactical vehicle. they were in the process, local authorities of closing down these roads and those waters just raged out of control. >> thank you so much. 23 million people are facing rain and flood threats.
12:34 pm
kerry sanders is in richmond, texas, one of the hardest hit areas. tell me about conditions there. >> reporter: it started to rain and we had a break earlier today and everybody sort of smiled when they saw the sun come out. the forecast is for more rain. it's drizzling. they're about 5 feet above the record flood stage they ever had on the brazos river. it's n been a week plus. jim is one of the residents here. we're on his boat. the water would be waist-deep and we're going down the street here. first, your house is a little behind us. is it a loss? >> water is in it. about a foot. >> were you able to get the i m items up before the water came in. yes, we did. >> that leads to the next question,s which is do you fear any sort of damage like foundation damage to the house? >> not foundation, just the sheetrock and floor, i would think. >> do you have insurance for that? >> we don't have flood
12:35 pm
insurance. >> that's important. a lot of people think when they have homeowner's insurance they're covered but this is different, it's flood insurance. they're talking about the possibility of you not seeing the water go down, maybe the houses here until tuesday. your house closer to the river might be even longer. we're looking at the drone pictures and see around the neighborhood, how disheartening is this? >> not much. i'm kind of used to this kind of stuff. >> you say that because you're battling cancer. when you look at the perspective of life. >> we had a hurricane come through here and dropped a tree on my house six years ago. >> reporter: you're a heart ty soul and i know it takes a lot of energy of people to do that. we had a chance to spoke speak to the mayor asking her when people could come back. >> reporter: they're saying tuesday when people can come back in their homes if mother nature cooperates. will people survive this?
12:36 pm
>> absolutely. this city was founded in 1837 by the republic of texas, not the united states but the republic of texas. we were founded then. we've been through a lot, a lot of hurricanes, floods, none quite like this. we will survive. we have good people in the city and a number of churches pulling together and aiding the victims and the city is also doing that currently. >> reporter: as the city is pulling together to get the strength they need dealing with fema to help the city with overtime and police and fire and city works, there's also another problem, the mayor is really concerned people may decide to walk into their homes aside from the fact that it stinks because septic tanks overflowed and concerns in the what jer, one other concern, cotton mouths and looking at the drone flying over, if you see something wiggling in the water, it could be a cotton mouth or coral snake
12:37 pm
or water moccasin. bottom line those snakes could be a real problem if you're walking in there. while the residents know generally not to go in the water if you know where the snakes are, there could very well be a snake that slithered into somebody's house as they're going in to retrieve something. bottom line, they're telling people, please don't rush this. we know it's really hard for you, uncomfortable. at this point, the water is receding ever so slowly, because it rained a little bit upriver, even though it means the water is going down a half a foot, it could easily come back up because of the water moving down river. >> if we could pull up that drone one more time and look at that live picture above you, i'm trying to get a sense for this scale. we're looking at a live picture, looks like block after block. do you have any sense how pervasive this flooding is? >> reporter: just in this area,
12:38 pm
176 homes looking at drone footage considered completely under water, not to the roof. we have to remember, jim's house is made out of brick and he's only concerned about the damage to sheetrock, if i point the camera to this direction here and you take a look at the drone pictu pictures, you'll also see there are lots of mobile homes here and the waters get sucked up like a sponge into the mobile home and the city says, based on their past experience, they will have to come in and condemn the ho homes, that's especially hard for the residents to realize they've lost their home, they don't have flood insurance and they're basically at the mercy of trying to figure out how to get their lives back together. >> it is such a sad picture there. i wish them all the best. our thoughts are with them in texas. we are days from the california primary. could sanders win california? we'll ask our political editor,
12:39 pm
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if there is a large voter turnout on tuesday here in california, we're going to win here and we're going to win it big. >> that was bernie sanders yesterday at a rally in chico, california. sanders obviously hoping for a big win in that state so he can march into the convention with momentum in july. right now, the race is very close in california, according to our latest nbc news "wall street journal" maris poll, it's showing clinton ahead of sanders by just two points. for more, let's turn to senior political editor, mark murray. i asked mayor villaraigosa a little while ago, who's suppo supporting hillary clinton, former mayor of los angeles. i asked does his state go for
12:43 pm
bernie sanders? he said, no way. >> i wouldn't be as confident as the mayor. it's not our poll that just has her up two points, the respective field poll has her up two points as well as another poll and another had hillary clinton up 10 points among likely voters. you add it all up, hillary clinton has a lead but a very narrow one. bernie sanders is right there, if there is a humongous turnout he could end up doing better than if lower turnout. here's the real rub on this, kate, even if bernie sanders wins by 3 or 4, 5 percentage points, it really doesn't change the overall delegate math where he's trailing by 270 pledged delegates. >> because she will still get a fair amount from california because it's proportionally allotted to each of them and she gets new jersey and that's it. >> exactly. that's how this whole contest has been.
12:44 pm
hillary clinton has her very big leads because of her really big wins in states like texas and florida which she won by more than 30 percentage points ra racking up huge wins. a lot of bernie sanders biggest wins have been by a few percentage points in some of the primaries and shows why she has the delegate lead she has. >> that said, if she california, that's a head line, right? does it matter when it comes to his influence and what he can do at the convention? >> here's how i'm almost viewing california. californian voters have the ability to decide does the democratic race end on june 7th and june 8th and you go ahead to the general election, if bernie sanders does win even by a few percentage points he can say i can still take this to the democratic convention and i will still go on. in a lot of ways, californians are going to be able to decide do they end the democratic race on june 7th, june 8th, or do they want this to continue to go for weeks and weeks to come? >> mark murray, thanks so much.
12:45 pm
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it was all pencil and paper. started out, the surface pro is very intuitive. with the pressure of my hand i can draw lightly, just like i would with a real pencil. i've been a forensic artist for over 30 years. i do the composite sketches which are the bad guy sketches. you need good resolution, powerful processor because the computer has to start thinking as fast as my brain does. i do this because i want my artwork to help people.
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12:48 pm
new details now in the investigation of death of music icon, prince, less than 24 hours of learning the cause of his death, police have returned his estate. according to the medical examiner prince died of an overdose of the potent judge fentanyl. >> reporter: hi there, kate, i am outside prince's compound, paisley park where we are rem d reminded again today this is an active investigation. there have been police on the scene, even cars going in. we're not sure exactly what they're doing today. we are reminded of local authorities with the investigation still active, they can't really comment on his progress.
12:49 pm
the question is whether or not there will be criminal charges in this case. now that the medical examiner's report is out and concluded prince died of an overdose, all attention on this drug, fentanyl, and with all the reporting you've done on opio opioids, fentanyl is this strongest and most dangerous in that umbrella that includes heroin, percocet, morphine and legally pre-described by doctors and hospitals for people in extreme pain even the last st e stages of terminal cancer. the dea says supplies of fentanyl on the streets to be bought illegally have gone up and there has been a spike in fatal overdoses of the drugs. and the question is how did prince get his hands on such a dangerous drug? was it a legal prescription or illegal and that will be at the foundation of any criminal charges. >> stephanie, thanks so much for reporting from minnesota.
12:50 pm
in the midst of a national opioid epidemic, one police chief in a small massachusetts town is fighting the war on drugs with a unique solution. it does not involve jail time. we'll have that report after the break.
12:51 pm
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when pain tries to stop you, motrin works fast to stop pain. make it happen with motrin® liquid gels. also try motrin pm to relieve pain and help you sleep. some breaking news to report, president obama has just commuted the prison terms of 42 more individuals, nearly half of them were serving life sentences. most of the individuals were non-violent drug offenders. now to a subject that i've covered a lot here on nbc, the heroin and prescription drug epidemic. this weekend we're introduced to a massachusetts police chief who is tackling the drug problem in a unique way. >> do you think the drugs and needles and other paraphernalia
12:54 pm
and dispose of that? >> yes. >> and you don't arrest them? >> no. >> and you don't arrest them even though they have drugs on them, which is illegal? >> correct. desperate times call for despate measures. >> thought i'd never see the day when you don't arrest someone for the crimes they commit? >> no, i'm not saying that. if we arrest people for crimes of addiction but don't treat addiction, we get nowhere. >> leonard camp nelo, you saw featured in that report. thanks for being with us. appreciate your time today. >> my pleasure, kate. thank you. the >> there was a pivotal moment about a year ago, you go on facebook, you've had enough of watching people overdose in your town. you write a post and say, exactly what you just told josh, that it's okay to come into the police station, turn in your drugs and you will not arrest them. did that feel like a drastic measure that you had to take?
12:55 pm
>> it felt like it needed to be done. we have 50, 60 years in the war on drugs, where we attack the supply side. it's good work that needs to continue. but we were doing nothing to treat the disease of addiction. we were watching them be arrested, incarcerated and spun back out to the street with no system. >> we met men and women coming into your police station, cassandra was one of them that he followed for "on assignment." 400 people have walked through the doors since this program started. i wonder, have you noticed a decline in heroin-related deaths? >> our preliminary results are pretty significant, in at least gloucester and several other communities that we are now partnering with.
12:56 pm
in the first six months of 2015, before this program started, we had five confirmed overdose deaths in the city of gloucester. since then that we know of, one confirmed death. >> wow. and again, it could be other factors, but you feel like you're not getting as many calls as you used to get? >> well, the calls are still coming in, the availability of narcan and our pushing that out as a means for everyone to have on hand, so that if there's an overdose, we can reverse it. that certainly has played a role in it. i think that opening up the doors to trust between this demographic and the law enforcement community has garnered some good results in terms of reaching people that really needed help. >> let me ask about the critics. because there are some. the president of the national district attorneys association, he said you should be going
12:57 pm
through the courts. he says incarceration is a part of the deterrent. your local county d.a. has said you may not have the legal authority to do what you're doing. what do you say to the critics? >> we've tried to ask the questions and not gotten the answers. police discretion is an integral part of law enforcement and it has been since day one. when people brought in guns, possessed legally or illegally, and brought them to police stations, we never got a question. we never got a question when he had a user flip on a dealer and were given a break on their charges. the same prosecutors don't ask questions when we arrest somebody and they defer them out to treatment. and the charges are dismissed at that point. i don't know what the problem is, if we have people who are invited into the police station, before they commit any crimes
12:58 pm
ancillary to the addiction in offering help. >> chief, i know from my own reporting on this subject, it's often hard to find beds, hard to find places for people to go. who is paying for all this? who is upon haddihelping you wit of finding the resources? >> so in massachusetts, there's a very robust health care system, and insurance, you know, state-assisted insurance program. and we're finding that a lot of treatment centers from across the country are stepping up and offering scholarships. in massachusetts, we don't necessarily need them because of our insurance system. and that myth about beds, it's impossible to just say, either there's a bed available, or you can't get any treatment at all, come back in a couplef weeks. we have to recognize that there are all kinds of treatment options, from in-patient beds to stepdown programs to, medicinal treatment. >> so you're saying we shouldn't
12:59 pm
think of it as just beds? >> no, we shouldn't. that's kind of the four-letter word in this addiction crisis. >> let me ask you about success versus the times that it must be frustrating for you. because we showed that video of cassandra a couple minutes ago. i don't know where she is now, but when we were following you and josh mank witss was with you, she disappeared. she wasn't ready to get help. is it personally tough for you, chief, when folks you offered them this life line and they're not ready to take it? >> so i can tell you this. we've had 450 people walk through the doors. we know of one loss and one death from the 450 people. and that name is the one we remember. so certainly we take this personally and we don't want to lose anybody. but the disease is so complicated and has so many moving parts to it, and so
1:00 pm
little is understood at this point, because of the stigma surrounding it, that, you know, it's a challenge. >> chief leonard campa nelo, governme gloucester, did i say it right? >> close enough. >> thanks so much for being with us today. appreciate it. all the best to you. >> my pleasure, thank you. >> if you want to see josh mank wits' full report, tune in to "on assignment" at 7/6:00 central on nbc. that's it for this hour. i'll see you back here on monday afternoon. hope you all have a great weekend. chris hayes is up next, as we wait for donald trump to take the stage in reading, california. hello there, how are you? happy friday to you. i'm chris hayes in new york. at any moment, donald trump is expecting to take the stage in reading, california, after a


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